Sunday, 12 April 2009


I don't know what it is, but I seem to be in a blue phase at the moment. I'm dyeing all sorts of colours, but blue must be my 'it' colour for knitting.

Here's my latest creation. It nearly wasn't a creation at all; I'd started making another Sapphire & Steel Cowl for my mum for Mother's Day but it turned into something a bit different. Feather and Fan pattern is so versatile and so pretty!

As with all my free patterns, use them for whatever you will, but please link back to my blog for the pattern and credit me as the designer. Also, if something doesn't seem right or doesn't quite make sense, let me know and I'll endeavour to fix/clarify.


You will need:

Approximately 50gm fingering weight yarn – a semisolid or striped yarn would work nicely.
2.75mm circular needles
3.25mm circular needles

Cast on 156 sts on 2.75mm circs and join for working in the round (78 sts per needle). Work in K3, P3 rib for 4 inches.
Knit one round.
Change to 3.25mm circs. Purl one row. From this point on you will knit flat - backwards and forwards, no longer in the round.

Stitch pattern:

Work in seed stitch or garter stitch for the first and last 6 sts of every row.

Row 1: Seed stitch first 6 sts, knit to last 6 sts, seed stitch last 6 sts.
Row 2: Seed stitch first 6 sts, purl to last 6 sts, seed stitch last 6 sts.
Row 3: Seed stitch first 6 sts, *(k2tog) 3 times, (yo, k1) 6 times, (k2tog) 3 times. Repeat from * to last 6 stitches, seed stitch last 6 sts.
Row 4: Seed stitch first 6 sts, knit to last 6 sts, seed stitch last 6 sts.

Repeat these 4 rows a total of 10 times.

Next 4 rows work either in seed stitch or garter stitch, whichever is your preference. I’ve done seed stitch for mine, but either would work equally well.

Bind off knitwise.

Work in ends, and block the feather and fan portion to within an inch of its’ life. I blocked the outer edges hard, less so near the ribbing, you want the ribbing to be stretchy.

Wear with pride!


Deborah said...

I love the colors! It is such a pretty cowl.

Pixie said...

Thanks, Deborah! It's really easy to make :-)