Tuesday, 9 December 2008

And another sock done

Finished another sock for Dad for xmas. That is to say, I've finished Dad's first sock but the other one is done to the toe, just gotta do the decreases and kitchener. I must be weird cos I like kitchener, it seems not many do. Another pair to do after this, but they're kids ones so shouldn't take so long, and then I want to make a pair for my niece for her birthday in the new year - turns out she has big feet, dunno where she got those from!

Went to knit night tonight, had a couple of extras turn up which was nice. One of them is a lady who has promised to help me learn to weave. I bought a 2nd hand table loom recently and I don't know how to even set it up, never mind actually produce something using it. In return, I've promised to help her with a crocheted jacket she's started but is having trouble putting together - a fair exchange, we think. I'm looking forward to learning to weave. And I so need a new hobby. Or maybe I don't. But I'm gonna do it anyway.

And now, to bed.

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