Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Hopeless already...

I had great plans for keeping this up-to-date and interesting and I'm having trouble doing either at this point.

In other news I'm designing my first sock. And I will post pics and the pattern when it's done. It's got a name, and a cuff, and a leg, a heel flap and a heel, but the foot is in progress at this point. It's taking over though and I need to get it and its' partner done so that I can go back to some of the other knitting/crocheting that I'm supposed to be doing for gifts. The reality is that actually I am working on some of the other stuff at the same time. I personally don't know how anyone can be monogamous with a project, I have to work really hard to be anything like that. And only in very extreme circumstances like when I'm working to a deadline and need to finish something for a gift. And it's due tomorrow. Otherwise I've got at least three things on the go.

Anyway, I'm really pleased with all the things I made for gifts. And I will post pics.

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